Monday, September 27, 2010

Video: Great-Grandparents' Visit

It's been a couple of months since I posted a video, so I stayed up late tonight to make this one from over the weekend. My grandparents came up from Florida and met the kids for the first time. Aidan was excited to play and show them his tricks (including his awesome driving skills), and Sierra had lots of smiles for them.

I'll try the HD version later, but here's the basic one for now:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Boy is Back!

Aidan was back to himself yesterday and today, and it's much more fun!

Giggling with Daddy and his new blanket.

I recently finished Aidan's baby clothes blanket (well, mostly). It's a big quilt of my favorite onesies and t-shirts, up to about 18 months. It's so fun to look at and remember him wearing all the shirts. He's got personalized ones, lots of monkeys and sharks, Boulder, CU, plus lots of cute animals and sayings. It's got super soft minky dot fabric on the front, and a thick, soft blue fabric on the back. All that's left is adding a zipper so he can also use it as a duvet. He seems to like it a lot, although he's not actually willing to trade it for his brown blanket just yet. It took about a month to make it, finding an hour or so here and there.

Aidan's baby clothes blanket - a quilt of his old shirts!

I also took a class with Leigh a few weeks ago where we each made one of these totes. It was tons of fun, and really cool to see how to sew with interfacing and lining and make pockets.


Next up is a stocking for Sierra. I've got the yarn and the pattern, and I hope to cast-on this week! It'll give me 3 months to have it ready for Christmas.

My little cutie - always smiling at me!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend with GB

My mom spent the weekend here with us, and although it's always easier and more fun with her around, Aidan made it a pretty tough weekend. He just wasn't feeling right, so he was whining a lot and needing a ton of attention. It's hard when he's like that; hard not to get frustrated, hard to know how much to give in since he's feeling bad vs how much to still try to work on his behavior so he doesn't turn into a Terrible Two who gets everything he wants! Normally he's so easy and happy, and just has occasional moments like this - unfortunately this weekend it seemed to be the other way around!

Still, there was a lot of good times mixed in. My mom and I got to see some of my friends in New Hampshire on Friday night, we had another clothing shopping spree on Saturday (for the kids), and had a nice Dancy family dinner.

Now, onto some photos:
My mom took the red-eye Thursday night, so Sierra was still in her jammies when we got back from the airport.

Abram and Leigh had us over for dinner on Saturday night, and Aidan was distracted for a while with Lego trains, so he had some smiles for me then.

This morning we let him open his birthday gift from GB and Ol' Pa - a Lightning McQueen mini Power-wheels! After a little initial hesitation, Aidan really got in to it! I was amazed he could figure out the steering already. It's so cute and I'm sure we'll end up with lots of photos and videos of him in it. It goes 2mph and can drive on grass and pavement, and it's just his size!

Thanks GB for the visiting for the weekend, sorry AJ wasn't as fun as usual. At least Sierra was happy!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Kids say the Darndest Things: Vol 1

Aidan has been making us laugh so much lately with the things that he says, so we figured it was time to jot some down before we forgot them all. He's doing well with pretty long sentences, and adds new words all the time. Btw, we're stealing the title from cousin Janine over at

Here's a few funny recent ones:

Arrive at Best Buy and open the door

Aidan: "What are we doing here?"
Isaac: "We're looking for movies."
Aidan: "Yesssss!"
Us: "Aidan, we're going to Pennsylvania tomorrow and we can go swimming."
Aidan: "Is 'Rai coming?"
Us: "No, Sarai isn't coming."
Aidan: "Why isn't 'Rai coming?
Ready to leave for PA
Jenna: "Isaac, we're getting in the car."
Aidan: "DADDY!!!! CAR!!!"
Every time the elevator dinged between floors
Getting to the top of the stairs before bed time, when we often play hide'n'seek
"Mommy, Hide!"
Looking in the DVD player
"What did you do with Cars, Mommy?"
Opening up the mailbox
"There's mail in there!"
Every time I give him food he really likes
"Thanks mommy"
Chasing the cats
"Where's the kitties?.... There they are!"

He has the cutest "BYE!" whenever we leave anywhere or anyone, like "Bye Daddy!" in the mornings and "Bye Robbie" when we leave daycare.

Tonight he did really well actually hiding during our hide'n'seek game. Usually he looks for us, but when it's his turn to hide he gets so excited that he just jumps right out. Tonight, he climbed into Sierra's crib, opened the closet door, got in, and closed it, and hid on his bed with the covers on top.

It's a fun age - at certain times he definitely reminds us that he's almost a Terrible Two, but most of the time he's a good boy. We've got him trained well at bed time, and in the morning we often find him sitting in bed reading a book or a cycling magazine!

Heading out, AJ needed his monkey, brown blanket, and pillow for bed time!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sierra @ Three Months

Sierra is a quarter of a year old today!

At 3 months, Sierra:
- Giggles
- Loves to sit on your lap and talk to you
- Loves being on the move in the Bjorn
- Can roll both ways
- Seems to be intrigued by TV
- Often sucks on her fingers and thumbs
- Has a good-sized bald spot on the back of her head!
- Weighs about 14.5 pounds
- Sleeps from about 10 - 6:30, then snoozes some more

She has been an amazing baby so far; she is very content and super strong.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Heather & Sohrab's Wedding

Last weekend we drove to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania to attend Heather and Sohrab's wedding. Heather and I were roommates for 2 years at BU, and Sorhab lived on our floor freshman year. We met Sorhab on the first day and he and Heather have been together ever since! I have so many great memories of hanging out with them - whenever I wasn't over at Chi Phi, I was likely with them. I cannot believe it's been 8 years already since we all met!

Just married!

Aidan looked like such a big boy!

And Sierra looked so pretty - even without pink!

Her dress (mostly) matched mine!

Mr. Potato Head entertained Aidan at the reception.

Congratulations, Heather and Sohrab!

Overall we had a fun and pretty relaxing Labor Day weekend - the kids were both amazing during the drive there and back, they slept well at the hotel, and they were happy and cute at the wedding. We got to sleep in a little, go swimming twice, and watch Toy Story 3! It was really a fun family weekend, like a mini-vacation!

Friday, September 3, 2010

A Day at the Air Show

Last weekend we took the kids up to the Air Show in Portsmouth with Abram, Leigh, and Carmen. It was really cool to see so many different planes on the ground and to see the crazy acrobatic and synchronized flying overhead.

Aidan like being able to touch the planes!

Aidan loved most of it, but HATED when the jets flew by. We got him some ear plugs but they were still just too loud and scary for him this time. I'm sure if we go back in a few years the loud jets will be his favorite!

One of my favorite parts was the smoke trails that the planes left - it was just amazing to see what the pilots were able to do!