Saturday, October 30, 2010

Video from late June

I'm trying to catch up on editing the video that I skipped over, so here's a movie from the end of June. It's amazing to see how much Sierra has already changed in just 4 months!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baptism and other fun

On Saturday we went to NH for Myles Lamb's baptism, and actually got a nice family photo! Aidan and Sierra aren't smiling their big smiles that we see so much, but at least they're looking up and looking nice.

After unsuccessfully trying to entertain Aidan quietly at church, we eventually gave in and set him up with a movie on my iPhone... it worked wonders. Maybe he needs an iTouch? Or maybe an iPad??? After that we had a nice time at the Lamb's house with all the babies and little kids!

Sierra got to wear a handmade knit top that my grandmother sent, and she looked so cute!

Aidan also got to enjoy a handmade knit top last weekend - this one from Auntie Cora. I'm amazed that she just learned to knit in June, and this was her first ever sweater! Some people just pick things up fast I guess - all those different stitches and different colors and seams are not easy! Aidan looked adorable in it, especially with the pointy hood up.

And even with a pouty lip...

His car now has a license plate too!

Aidan has really been into stickers lately, so we've made lots of cards.

Sierra is getting old enough to play more, and finds lots of things hilarious. We're starting to be able to play with them together.

Sierra took her first bath sitting in the ring instead of in the infant tub, and got to hang out with AJ. They're having lots of fun together!

Monday, October 18, 2010

First Food, Another Tooth, and Giggling!

Sierra had a busy weekend - she had her first rice cereal, and her second tooth appeared! She was all smiles and giggles again, and enjoyed meeting Adam and Ashley on Saturday.

Tonight she was laughing and laughing with me, so I got some iPhone video. Enjoy!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Aidan's Second Birthday

On Monday we went on our second annual hike up Mt. Wachusett, with both kids in carriers. It's a fun little hike, and we chose the shortest (but steepest) trail to the top. The Dancy Clan came too!

On Monday night we had a family party, complete with 3 cakes. It was a mixed theme party; we had Cars and Toy Story decorations, and then at the last minute I made an Elmo cake. This year Aidan loved having everyone singing to him. He was beaming!

AJ was excited for his Mater Duplo truck - they know him so well that both the James Family and Dancy Clan picked out the same set! We ended up swapping so now he has Mater, Lightning, Doc, Sally, and Sheriff.

Grandma Marie made him a driver's license and license plate. The license is hilarious!! We love that his height is 2'9"! It's laminated and looks so realistic.

On Tuesday morning, we had family present time. Aidan's a pro at opening gifts now! He loves Woody and his new powered train.

Last Saturday, Lindsey and Heather and Sohrab came over for dinner. Sohrab picked out an awesome drill for Aidan. We only had to show him once how to change the drill direction so he could screw in and out, and then he kept doing it himself. New cute monkey hat too, and the shirt above, from Lindsey!

Lots of pictures, so I'm keeping the text short. What a fun weekend for our big boy!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Beginnings

Sierra's first tooth appeared today! Right at 4 months and 1 day old - it's her bottom front right tooth. I guess now that we're finally done with Aidan's 20 teeth, we get to start all over again! I just looked back and Aidan got his first one just 2 days before turning 4 months.

Aidan wouldn't nap yesterday or today, but we're hoping it was just the cake and not actually the end of napping for good. We don't want his last nap to be at 1 year and 364 days old! Yesterday he sat on his bed playing with Woody for more than 2 hours, never complaining, but never sleeping. And today at daycare he was just talking instead of sleeping. But we all need nap time!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sierra @ Four Months

Today, Sierra is 4 months old. She:
- Now has brown eyes!
- Loves playing on her activity mat, pulling on the hanging toys
- Likes to face outwards in the Bjorn so she can see everything that's going on
- Giggles when you tickle her, play peek-a-boo, or tap her nose
- Sits in the bouncer and spins things
- Weighs 14.5lbs and is 26 inches long (75th/95th percentile)
- Has been on the 6 feedings per day schedule for a while now, but is going to try food soon.
- Is still happy and easy going, but can definitely make noise when she needs to!

Tummy time on her mat.

After being super tired, she slept until 10am on Saturday and woke up with the biggest smile. By the time I got the camera it wasn't quite as big, but still super cute.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Aidan @ Two

Our amazing little guy is going to be two on Tuesday!

We're in the midst of a busy long weekend with visitors, hiking, and a party, so I wanted to get his update done tonight. I'll have lots more blogging to do!

At two years old, Aidan:
- Is an absolute bundle of energy; he goes and goes and goes when he's up, and then luckily he takes a long nap and sleeps really well at night.
- Learns new things amazingly fast, and wants to do everything himself. He gets in and out of his highchair by himself (and puts the buckle on). He'll put his hands up and triumphantly exclaim "I did it!" whenever he does something new.
- Seems super coordinated for a kid who's just turning two!
- Takes good care of his little sister and gives her kisses.
He loves to:
- Ride his bike and drive his car every day
- Play with trains, cars, Legos, and the cats
- Watch movies (currently Guys, Cars, and Rat)

We're so lucky to have such a happy, friendly, and smart little boy. Two years have flown by, and time just keeps going faster. I really like to record what the kids are up to and what they're like so I can look back on it. It's already crazy going through baby photos and notes about Aidan and seeing how much he's changed.

And a few photos:

Yep, my kid is the one at the playground with the helmet on. And I'm fine with that! Add "play in the sandbox" and "go down the slide" to the list of things AJ does with his helmet on.

Joker face! Jelly-on-toast is one of the five or so things he'll actually sit down and eat.

He's a typical boy - climbs and hangs on everything he can!

He loves playing peek-a-boo, and can just now reach the handle to open the door himself.

When we get things out of Sierra, he always wants his turn too!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Visit from Grandad Len & Sue

As I said in the video post, my grandparents stayed with us for a few days last weekend, and it was a relaxing, enjoyable weekend. They met both kids for the first time! We played a lot in and out of the house, had some great meals, went toy shopping, and went to the park.

Grandad Len & Sue meet Sierra!

The boys.

The girls.

My grandad and me.

Sierra loves her new caterpillar they got her! It's so cute - still a little big, but she'll have so much fun on it in the future.

Aidan tried it out for her.

He LOVES his trains right now, so the new train station with real railroad crossing sounds has been a big hit.

We spent a lot of time just playing around the house.

Eel-coming-out-of-the-mailbox still amuses AJ to no end!

And Sierra is still our little smiley girl.

On Sunday night the Dancys came over so that great-aunt Cathy could meet the kids while she was here from North Carolina.

Grandma Marie loved Sierra's zebra pants! It's exactly like an outfit Marita and Sarai used to wear!

Cathy was happy to hold Sierra.