Sunday, January 23, 2011

Latest Adventures of the Princess and the Peanut

This week, we got into the adventures of Potty Training!! Last Sunday we decided to get a jump start by buying Aidan some underwear and just letting him try it out all day. After a lot of accidents the first day, he definitely figured out to try not to wet himself. We've been having to watch for the little pee dance so we can get him on the potty quick enough, but now he's starting to tell us when he needs to go too. This weekend he's had no diapers during the day, and no accidents! It's tough with him at daycare but he made a lot of progress there too, and I bet tomorrow he'll be even better. I'm so proud of my little peanut!

My little princess has decided that she's not a baby and doesn't need to be spoon-fed - she flails her arms when I try! See how well she's doing today on her own??

Oh yeah - about 75% ends up on her bib! But she's happy to try. And don't worry Gummy, after she has a turn I make sure I get some in to!

Almost every day, Aidan pushes Sierra around in her walker and plays "A-Boo!" with her, which makes her giggle and giggle. She's lucky to have a great big brother!

Aidan loves sending Ducky down his roller-coaster, and he always makes sure he's wearing a helmet.

His latest game is to start the roller-coaster (with Ducky in it) and then run as fast as he can to stay ahead of it. He did this over and over and over this morning.

He loves his Ducky - thanks Jessie and Christine!

I've never thought he looked like Isaac before, but I totally see it here.

Playing Dance Central with Mommy.

Sierra sporting her British "Mum" shirt from Lindsey.

Aidan's been doing more painting and crafts with me - I probably love it even more than he does! He's working on two more butterflies here after completing the one below and asking to make more.

I'm taking this one to work!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Aidan @ Twenty-Seven Months

Jenna claims that I'm not pulling my blog weight around here, so without further ado, here is the Aidan 27-month update!

At 27 months,
- He knows how to work all the loop holes in the system. Today at dinner (after repeated stone-walling), I pierced a meatball with a fork and took out an ice cream bar, and Aidan immediately ate the meatball and awaited his ice cream reward.
- He knows how to take the smallest possible bite of food when he's trying to walk the tightrope between not eating something and not getting in trouble.
- He likes to drink "coffee". His coffee is hot chocolate ... but he won't drink it unless he gets to get the water, put the water in the microwave, press all the buttons on the microwave, scoop the chocolate powder, pour the hot water and stir. By the way, he won't stir with a spoon, he requires a whisk.
- He has an independent streak. "I do it!" If I take a shoe off, he makes me put the shoe back on so he can take it off. If I close the garage door we have to open it up completely so he can do it.
- He gives lots of kisses and hugs. We enjoy these while they last!
- He's gotten over his fear of the potty. He's still in diapers, but every now and then we put him on the potty and he takes care of business.
- His favorite movie is "Guys 4". "Toy Story" is synonymous with "Guys" because that's what Woody always says. The "4" comes from the fact that we're teaching him numbers and he knows 4 comes after 3 -- so it all started when I said, "Do you want to watch Guys 1, Guys 2 or Guys 3?" His response: "I want Guys 4!"
- He knows how to use an iPhone. He swipes to unlock it. He swipes to go through the apps and find the page with the games that he likes. He knows how to push the button to switch out of an app and back to the main screen.
- He's discovered video games! He likes to play "kick!" which is a mini-game within Kinect Sports where you kick a soccer ball at targets. His high score is 6, mine is 93. And so begins the long road of trying to kick Dad's butt.
- He can repeat pretty much any word.
- He talks on the phone. For the longest time he would freeze, but now he talks on the phone.
- He's putting together sentences instead of just saying words. "I want to do this" or "Dad come with me" or "it needs batteries".
- And finally, he's adapted to life as a big brother. He'll bring Sierra toys or play peak-a-boo with her, or tell us when he thinks it's time to put her in the jumparoo.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sierra @ Seven Months

It's the 12th again already, which means I have another Sierra update to do. I've got to keep up on it so I can make her baby book (which I just finally started). I'm sure with Aidan at this age I was all caught up on his, but oh well, I'll get hers done before she's old enough to notice!

At 7 months,
- She's still more interested in trying to stand than trying to crawl.
- She has 4 cute little teeth.
- She likes feeding herself baby rice crackers and cheerios.
- She's almost as big as her brother.
- She still smiles and giggles all the time.

Sierra and I went up to Concord on Sunday for Brittany's baby shower. She was happy to be passed around by all the lovely ladies.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Tracks

(Basketball analogies herein)

When you've got one kid the parents can switch off and play a zone. When you've got two kids the parents have to play man-on-man. The only way either parent can get any rest and relaxation is to hope that one or both of the kids take a nap. Naturally, the children conspire against this strategy.

The only response is to adopt the Rick Pitino 40-minute-of-hell game plan. Essentially, play at a breakneck pace that they can't keep up with. Tire 'em out!

With a few inches of fresh snow, today was a perfect chance for Team Mommy-Daddy to wear out the kids.

Here's Sierra all suited up and ready for action.

Aidan shoveled and tried to work on a snowman, but then decided it was time for a Sunday drive. Here he's wondering if he needs chains.

Great form here! He's looking through the turn to where he wants to go.

All smiles.

Backpack baby. She was asleep 10 minutes later.

Jenna took Aidan down a short hill next to the house on his sled. Later, Aidan decided to go for a bike ride but then had other ideas...

He's headed to the hill...

Who needs a sled when you can snow cross?

Looping around for more.

More snow cross.

Every snow adventure finishes with hot chocolate. But don't tell Aidan ... he thinks it's "my coffee!"


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Aidan Playing and Fun with Books

Friday, January 7, 2011

Getting Back

It's been a while! We've been busy with the holidays and visitors of course, but we had a wonderful time. Now I'm just getting back into the routine again with a fun Friday off, at home with the kiddies. We played all morning and then went to a great music class this afternoon with some friends. Aidan kept up with the bigger kids, doing the gestures, playing instruments, and trying to sing the songs, and Sierra was totally enthralled! She was so happy to watch and listen, I'm glad they both enjoyed it.

Sierra is sitting up pretty well now, and has 4 teeth! She's my little princess. Aidan is talking up a storm, repeating everything and saying new words constantly. He's figured out how to play Xbox Kinect Soccer and iPhone games, and he loves playing with all his new toys from Christmas.

So, some photos from today:

And, a few from one night last week:

In my effort to catch up I made a video tonight that I'll post once it renders and uploads. I also need to go back and blog from Christmas, though there is a photo album on facebook, and a great post on the Blake Blog: