Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Goofy Girl

Sierra has the goofiest grin - I love it!

It's her cheese face!

Classic Sierra.

Daddy has been working with her on crawling!

Knees! All by herself.

Last weekend I took a bunch of photos too when she was cheesing for me.

Perfect for my desktop baby cut-out I think.

Can't quite see it but she just got her 5th tooth! It's the next top left one.


Ready to snuggle.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sierra @ Eight Months

Where did my baby go? Sierra is already getting to be a little girl! She's cute and cuddly, sassy and sweet, and giggly and goofy. She's the best girl I could have hoped for!

Her latest thing is waving, all the time! You just have to say "Hi Sierra!" and she'll give you a big smile and wave to you for ages! She also loves to clap.

She's not crawling but she gets around pretty well just spinning and sliding.

We've been helping her practice getting up on her knees. Smokey came to help!

She loves her daddy, and stopped by for a quick hello on our snow day last week.

Daddy's turn for the wrap! She loves to be part of the action.

Playing with Grandma last weekend:

She eats a ton, entirely by herself. She loves peas and green beans and carrots and rice and cheese. At this point I've lost the battle and she won't be spoon-fed at all. So, her first trial with yogurt was rather messy but she did get a little in. I need to get creative with the finger food. We're just happy to see her eating though, I think she eats more than Aidan. She's going to be bigger than him pretty soon!

Friday, February 11, 2011

More Aidan Stories

AJ's latest thing has been replicating everything. So, on Saturday when he wanted to bring my camera and his blanket down to the basement and sit on the couch, I realized he wanted to take some more photos with the timer like we'd done with Kristen and Chase!

Again on Sunday he wanted to do "lights!", but we showed him that we could also use the timer upstairs to take photos. He'd happily go start the timer, come back and pose, then go see how it came out, and repeat. He did a great job, he took about 15 photos each time! This is one of my favorites:

Tonight we convinced him that games and puzzles would be a good alternative to more Wallace and Gromit. These days, it's always "Doggie" or "Ooh Ooh Ahh Ahh George".

Aidan loves "shark shirts" and almost always picks one when he chooses what to wear. When I gave him this new shirt the other night, he said "Wow, it's so pretty!! So cute!"

He tried out the wrap last week!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Video: Music Class!

AJ is a little cutie dancing and singing at music class!

Thanks to Kristen for bringing the camera and taking all the footage! I really enjoy doing this stuff with the kids but can't usually take photos with my hands so full!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Playdate with Chase

We were so excited to see Chase and Kristen today, it had been way too long! Sierra wasn't quite herself with a bit of a cold, but the kids still had a great time playing at home and then singing and dancing at music class. We took some video so I'll post that once I cut it down.

Self-portrait on a timer. I love AJ's pose!

Poor Sierra...

Aidan tried to kiss her better, and I think it helped! What a good big brother.

The kids had fun each playing with one side of this toy.

Cutie pie!

Thanks for visiting us, KP!

Video: Aidan Turns Two + Halloween

Here's another video of my boy, for my boy! He loves watching home videos before bed, so it's nice to keep making new ones for him. This one has been done for a few days but not saved and posted, so he's been asking to watch "Cake" each night.

It's got Aidan's family birthday party and birthday morning, plus Halloween and Sierra giggling a lot!

I'm working on catching up on videos again, we have footage from September, December, Christmas, and January to post!