Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marching On

It's almost the end of March - just when the snow is mostly gone, we're expecting more! But, we have had occasional nice days to enjoy. Sierra has been wanting to walk with us all the time lately, even outside. She's pretty wobbly but really strong, I'm sure she'll be pulling up on her own and walking around the furniture soon.

Aidan continues to love riding his bike on the pavement, the grass, or the snow. It's hard to tell but look at the shadow, he's just picking up his feet going down the edge!

March is also a busy birthday month, so we had another fun trip to NH for a family party.

Sierra has been crawling all over the place, often carrying an envelope - just like her brother used to do!

Chasing Aidan

It's been funny seeing what happens now that Sierra can crawl after Aidan and chase him in her walker. Of course there is some interfering and toy-stealing (both ways), but for the most part they're really cute together.

Aidan LOVES running up and down the long hallway upstairs, he'll often say "Chase me, Mommy!" and then giggle and giggle while he runs. The other night Sierra was trying her best to keep up with him, but then gladly got Daddy's help going really fast.

I loved these photos - I already posted them on FB but want to include them here too for our yearly book.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

A little bit of Spring

We finally had some warm weather last week, so we were able to enjoy some time outside without snow gear. We've been taking family walks with the double stroller most nights, but on Friday we decided to let Aidan ride since it was so nice out. We couldn't believe he made it around the whole neighborhood - 1.5+ miles - by himself! Isaac obviously had to walk/run alongside, but we were still impressed. And when we got home he went up and down the hill in front of our house for a while too!

On Friday morning I took the kids to the park for the first time this year. It was fun with Sierra being able to play some too.

We had another family birthday party on Saturday, and the weekend flew by just keeping the kids entertained. Sierra enjoyed some fruit from PopPop...

and her dolly's binky.

She's been crawling all over the place, and can stand for ages now too.

We were so happy to get a glimpse of Spring, I hope we don't go back to the cold weather! Sierra sure does pull off the cold-weather look though, I'll miss this.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

AJ and a Day Trip to NH

Sierra has been making more headlines on the blog lately, but Aidan deserves some love too! He's been amazing - talking up a storm, being a great big brother, and getting potty trained! It's been a few weeks now since he wore diapers at all. He's been perfect at playgrounds, going shopping, at daycare, in the car - the only thing we're still working on is night-time, so he has pull-ups just for then. He's funny, after he says "Chocolate chips???" and excitedly goes to collect his prize.

He still loves taking pictures with the "lights" (self-timer). Here's a couple of cute ones from yesterday:

On Friday we spent the day in NH, and it couldn't have worked out better. I was a little nervous trying to do two things in one day, including over 3 hours of driving, but figured it could work - we'd see Grandma and Grandpa in the morning, and then Brittany, Brian, and Baby Lucas in the afternoon. The kids were amazing and it was so much fun!!

Grandpa and Grandma and I took turns helping Aidan through the new indoor playground in Merrimack - we had a blast! I think it had been a while since they got to crawl around and go down a slide, but they loved it. With a big family it's nice when the kids occasionally get one-on-one grandparent time.

After a while at the playground, we headed back to the house for a little more playing, some lunch, and nap time.

Aidan loved singing and dancing along with the keyboard, it's so cute what he does!

We got a new travel bed for Aidan to use at Disney, and figured we'd give it a try here first - he went right to sleep.

And Sierra too!

Then it was time to head to Brittany's house in Concord to meet Lucas, who was just a week old! He was super cute, and they're all doing great. We brought a Dream Dinner with us, and the kids were well-behaved the whole time we were there. They usually are, but it's not fun at all when they're not!

Brittany and Lucas

Another picture by Aidan.

Then it was 90 minutes home, just in time for bed for the kids. What a wonderful day!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sierra @ Nine Months

My sweet baby girl is 9 months today!

As always, a few little notes on what she's up to:

Sierra is starting to really crawl now! She's been getting around pretty well spinning and sliding, especially backwards, but just over the last few days she's been taking some crawling "steps" forward too. She's ready to really take off with it.

She loves eating real food and barely wants bottles anymore (we're hoping she'll enjoy sippy cups).

She loves to play with Aidan and try to do whatever he's doing. Luckily he's pretty good at sharing too.

Sierra is getting to be one of the big kids at daycare - she's no longer the baby! She's eating lunch and napping upstairs with Aidan and the other big kids, and doing great. She's getting more on his schedule at night too, which is nice for us to have some more time in the evenings!

3/13/11 update: I forgot one of her favorite things is to clap now! She still waves all the time too, but LOVES to clap.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Video: Christmas 2010

Here is Christmas morning in 4 minutes! Sierra had a fun first Christmas, and Aidan was old enough to really enjoy getting presents. Gummy and Pop Pop were here too!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good times

More photos from this past week!

Aidan repeatedly set these up for her, and she pushed them down. He looks so proud of her!

Sierra and Aidan enjoyed an evening with Chase while we celebrated Kristen's birthday on Friday. Sierra's awesome hairstyle is courtesy of Lindsey!


She loves this toy.

AJ flew his "copper" until the batteries ran out, twice!

hmm, I wonder where he gets this look from?