Monday, May 30, 2011

Long Long Weekend

We had a really long Memorial Day Weekend - spent almost entirely at the hospital! Aidan woke up Saturday morning complaining of a belly ache, but it seemed like much more than that, so I took him to the doctor. She noticed right away that it must be his diaphragm that hurt, because he was working so hard to breathe and wasn't getting enough oxygen. After the first treatment didn't bring his levels up enough, they took us to the ER by ambulance. We had more drugs and more tests, and ended up getting transferred to the PICU! After a long night in intensive care, the meds seemed to kick in and he was doing much better by Sunday morning. They weaned him off the high flow oxygen and IV by the afternoon, and he was getting back to himself. This morning (Monday), he was able to come home. The ultimate conclusion was that he just had a major allergic reaction to all the pollen and super humid day, so that'll be easy to treat with some daily medication.

After being stuck in a bed for ages, and then confined to a room, he was ready to come out and play! After a not-so-successful trip to the Boylston Common to see the bouncy castle (too many big kids) we took him to the park to ride and play.

Thanks for all the well wishes and the help with Sierra!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Ride On, Aidan

Aidan has been riding a strider (2-wheeler minus pedals) for some time, but he's recently been interested in his trike because it has pedals. Jenna and I figured he was ready for a real 2-wheeler.

We went to Target and of course had to get him the "Lightning McQueen" model. Aidan accessorizes with McQueen bike gloves and elbow pads. Aidan calls his elbow pads, "iPads" :)

Day 1 was a struggle for Aidan because there's very little level ground near our house, so today we took him to Assabet Park. That's all he needed:

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Standing and Pedaling

Sierra can stand almost indefinitely now! Still only takes 3-4 steps, but she's getting there.

Aidan got a real pedal bike today, and for now we're skipping the training wheels since he knows how to balance from his strider bike. He was already riding totally by himself for little stretches!

While Aidan rode, Sierra worked on his other bike for him.

I LOVE it; my little princess, wearing a tutu and fixing a bike. Maybe she'll be a mechanical engineer like her mom!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sierra @ Eleven Months

I'm 3 days late! For blogging Sierra's monthly update, that is. Crazy, when Aidan was 11 months, I got pregnant with Sierra!!

Anyway, here's what Sierra is up to at 11 months:
- has 11 teeth! she just got 3 molars over the last week (which none of us enjoyed)
- takes a couple of steps at a time
- loves playing peek-a-boo. She covers up her eyes or peeks around/over things, and says "a-baa" or "a-ahh"
- asks "what's that?" while pointing at things. Sounds like "w'zat?"

Isaac is sitting here too, he adds:
- furniture walks
- is one with her binky
- can conjure up tears in a second
- loves her walker
- can take 1-2 steps, but is too stubborn to walk
- loves playing catch

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Easter and a Good Friday

Aidan's Easter-egg hunt, Sierra's crawling and furniture standing, lumberjack Ike, fun at Assabet Park, Dean Park, and Abram & Leigh's house.
YouTube Link

Sunday, May 8, 2011


Julius came over on Saturday to ride with Isaac and show us how to make Sushi. He also happened to bring an absolutely amazing camera and lens - so we got a lot of photos . As soon as he got it out, Sierra walked from me to Isaac! It was only the second time she's taken 3 steps! She'll often do 1-2, but 3 is tough.

First steps on camera!

Playing chase with the cats.

While they went on a bike ride, I tried out the lens on my camera. WOW! Now I know exactly what I want for my birthday this year.

Watching the guys leave.

Happily playing "doggie" (Talking Ben).

The 30mm lens is perfect for getting kids in the shot, even up close. I could hold Sierra and take her picture!

Silly Sierra


Self-portrait with my sleeping baby. I'll miss this!

Once Sierra was asleep, Aidan was ready to go outside and ride.

New shark helmet!

Then it was time for the cooking demo.


Salmon cucumber roll.

Slicing the tuna.

Snack time for Sierra.

Thanks so much Julius for lunch, the lessons, and the photos!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sunny Day

It was a beautiful day on Tuesday and the kids were wearing cute new outfits from my grandmother, so I ended up with a bunch of photos I really like. The kids were both up super early that day, so we had some morning play time before work.

Sierra has been working on balancing and taking some steps!

After dinner we played in the backyard for ages. Aidan is our little athlete!

Sierra's first pigtails! We always know when the kids are tired, their cheeks turn bright red!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter was really low-key this year since we were recovering from Disney, so we just had a little egg hunt, colored some eggs, and saw family for dessert.

Aidan loved dumping out his candy. Daddy "helped" him eat it all.

Enjoying some chocolate while posing with his colored eggs.

Sierra, being a little "doll-phin"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Florida Highlights

We went to Florida a couple of weeks ago to meet some old friends and take the kids to the parks, and we had an absolutely amazing time. I posted a ton of photos on FB, but wanted to include it on the blog too.

Since it was April vacation week for Massachusetts and N.H., we flew out of JFK. It was nice that it extended the vacation an extra day, and on the way we got to visit an awesome children's museum that was geared towards really young kids. Aidan loved all the ball activities, especially this ball sucker!

Aidan put balls in over and over, waiting for it to fill up and "explode".

We spent ages watching the Rube Goldberg ball contraption - I always love these!

Entertaining the kids in a tiny hotel room with almost no toys turned out fun - we got creative and they were happy. Sierra loved pulling these big beads apart, and Aidan kept putting them back together for her.

On Sunday morning we headed to the airport - though we were staying half a mile from the terminals it turned out the parking was 15 minutes away then it took forever to get back to the actual airport, through check-in (had to wait since we had an infant) and security. We eventually got the kids and all the stuff through the airport with Sierra wrapped on, Aidan in a car seat attached to wheels, and lots of rolling luggage.

We were so happy to see Kevin, Jennifer, Derrick, and Nola when we got there! Nola was so excited to finally meet "Baby Sierra" and they played together the whole week.

On Monday morning it was time to head to Magic Kingdom. We were impressed with how efficiently Disney got everyone into the park.

On the ferry going to Magic Kingdom.

Posing in front of the big Castle!

Riding the Dumbo ride with Aidan.

Aidan got to drive with Isaac.

After some much-needed naps we headed out for a nice dinner. I had Isaac take a picture of Sierra and me to match the one with Aidan from 2009.

Just peachy!

On Tuesday we went to Animal Kingdom. With just one Safari ride, we saw just about every animal you could imagine seeing at a regular Zoo - pretty cool!

In the afternoon we went swimming at the huge pool complex.

Bathing suit from Gummy.

Aidan, Sierra, Nola, and Derrick in front of the kiddie pool.

Wednesday was SeaWorld - Aidan had been talking for weeks about seeing sharks so we were super excited! We all loved the Dolphin show too - it was crazy what they could do!

Clapping for the Dolphins.

Posing with Great-Grandad Len & Sue.

We were able to get reservations at the shark restaurant, so we dined right next to the big shark tank! Aidan loved watching them swim by - except for the big ugly fish.

He loves his new shark!

We spent Thursday morning at the pool again before heading to the airport.

Smiley Sierra on the plane ride back - with Aidan happily entertained with his new iPod in the background.

What a fun week with old friends - we're already thinking about what to do next time!