Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sierra @ 1 Year

Ooops - 10 days late on Sierra's last monthly update! I feel like I'm behind on everything right now! Anyway, now that Isaac got our computer working again, here's what Sierra is up to:

- still only takes 3-4 steps!
- loves playing the binkie game and puckering up for kisses, and does it with the cutest look on her face
- says "cat" and "AJ" and does some signs
- loves to play catch with balls and cars on the floor
- always wants to eat with a utensil
- is a real mommy's girl
- She's 22lbs, and about 2'5". She eats twice as much as Aidan does, so she's catching up quickly on weight!


Isaac said...

What is that blue thing Sierra is chewing on in that last photo??

Loosey said...

She is such a doll! Loves her and AJ!