Thursday, September 1, 2011

Adventures Out West

I'm back from a blogging hiatus! July and August absolutely flew by, and I feel like we've been busier than ever traveling and being out and about. We had an amazing 2 week excursion to Colorado and California, so I pulled together some of my favorites photos to show a little variety of the places we went and the people we saw.

First, we went to Longmont to stay with Kevin and Jennifer. The kids had a blast together! Sierra and Nola were still best pals, chasing each other around and playing kitchen together. We took all the kids to a great kiddie pool, with a slide that Aidan loved. He did laps and laps of going down the slide and swimming to to the other side. Sierra and Nola happened to have the same bathing suit!

Aidan and Derrick loved riding and striding together.

Jennifer hosted a wonderful party on my 27th birthday, and we enjoyed catching up with old friends and eating lots of hawaiian food and chocolate gelato cake.

After a trip to the mountains to visit Sean and Erin (where my camera refused to work and the gondola wasn't actually open when they said it would be....) we were back for a dinner out at our favorite restaurant, then Friday it was time to head to San Jose!

The kids were so excited to see Gummy and PopPop! They loved having Gummy do the turtle song.

Every day with my parents starts off with some sort of donut, pastry, or bagel - it's lots of fun but not good for my diet! On Saturday, we picked up Psycho Donuts on the way to Vasona Park to ride the steam engine train. Aidan isn't usually much of an eater but he always finds room for a whole chocolate donut!

Sunday was our day at Great America, where we rented a cabana by the wave pool. Unfortunately Aidan was too little to go down the water slides, but he loved swimming in the pools and going on the kiddie rides and he just made it on the Log Flume!

On Monday we headed to Yosemite to stay in a rustic-yet-modern log cabin and bunkhouse with lots of Dancies, and just a few miles away was another house of extended family!

We took a short hike with Leah in the valley on our first day in the park, and saw Half Dome, and Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls.

Thomas and Aidan loved playing together, and they happened to have the same PJ's!

We spent Wednesday morning swimming at a lake and relaxing a bit, and on Thursday drove out to Glacier Point to get a beautiful view of Half Dome. It was totally worth the drive and I was so excited to actually the famous Yosemite sites!

We spent the day with Chris, Monica, Sophia, and Mateo - which was awesome since they also had a toddler and a baby and were on the same schedule. On the way back we stopped at Tunnel View and Bridalveil Falls, and got to feel the spray of the waterfall and walk in the glacial water.

We took a big group photo on the last night there.

We headed back to San Jose for the second weekend, and on Saturday we went to the Monteray Bay Aquarium. Aidan loved the penguins and sharks, and we saw a fantastic jelly fish display and a creepy octopus!

On Sunday Dave and Jimena had a big pool party! Again we got to catch up with lots of old friends - this time mostly Isaac's college friends who are now in the bay area. I like Isaac's caption for this super cute picture: "A little old lady, and Grandma".

For our last full day, we took the kids to Happy Hollow - a kids' amusement park in San Jose. Aidan got to ride a real rollercoaster!

We were supposed to fly out Tuesday morning, but they kept delaying our flight little-by-little, until they eventually cancelled it completely! The kids held up amazing well but I was really stressed out. After spending the whole day at San Francisco airport, we ended up back in San Jose, on a red-eye that of course got delayed. We did get to have one last meal with my parents, albeit in the airport...

The kids were totally wiped! So were we!

It was absolutely amazing to spend 2 weeks with honey and the kids and see friends and family. It was crazy and hectic and full of fun adventures - I wouldn't want it any other way.

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