Saturday, November 12, 2011

Aidan Turns Three!

That's right, he's 3!
The years have flown by, and our little peanut is already 3! We had a shark-themed family party while my parents were in town. Aidan requested chocolate frosting, so it was a cute brown shark. I also made him a shark shirt and hats for everyone too.

As always, a video and photos to show the fun:

Topless cake eating
Aidan wore out his little car and needed something faster, so we went in with Gummy and PopPop on a new PowerWheels. It's been awesome!

Aidan and Sierra drive this car around and around!
PopPop and Gummy here in Boylston.
Real life Angry Birds has been a bit hit.
The whole family loves playing this!
Columbus Day was our 3rd annual trip to Mt. Wachusett with the Dancy Clan, and this year Aidan hiked most of the way all by himself! We went on the back side, which was even longer. Leigh took lots of great Infra-Red photos :-)

Aidan loved hiking!

This section was pretty scary with a kid on my back!
At the summit.

Aidan continues to amaze us with what he can do and the things he says. He's counting past 10, sings the alphabet, can identify about 10 letters and write a few, knows months, rides a bike really well... the list goes on. And pretty soon he's going to learn to ski too - I can't wait!!